For many years now, the Domain of Chantilly has inspired directors, actors and script writers from all over the world.

With its château housing a prestigious collection of works of art and old books, its lavishly furnished suites, its French-style garden designed by Le Nôtre and its majestic Great Stables, the Domain of Chantilly is recognised as a prestigious film location.


Less than one hour from Paris, the Domain of Chantilly will enchant you!

Please do not hesitate to contact us (lien vers devis en ligne) with your requirements.

Films shot on location in the Domain of Chantilly:

Chinese Zodiac, Jackie Chan (2012)
Les Adieux à la Reine, Benoît Jacquot (2012)
Marie-Antoinette, Sofia Coppola (2006)
Palais Royal, Valérie Lemercier (2005)
Vatel, Roland Joffé (2000)
James Bond, A View to a Kill, John Glen (1985)
The Longest Day, K. Annakin, A. Marton, B. Wicki, G. Oswald and D.F. Zanuck (1962)
Funny Face, Stanley Donen (1957)

Video films shot on location in Chantilly (Youtube)