Original creations in a majestic setting

For over 30 years, the troops of the Great Stables have been creating equestrian shows and presentations devoted to the haute-école art of dressage. Combining poetry, acrobatics and humour, the original creations of the Great Stables contribute to the international equestrian renown of Chantilly.

The equestrian shows and presentations take place beneath the majestic dome of the Great Stables with its 28 metre high ceiling, ring and stands that can seat up to 600 spectators.

Animate your event with dressage presentations, equestrian shows or customised concerts that will enchant your guests.

Beneath the dome of the Great Stables, in the grounds of the château or at the heart of the central lawn of the race track, the elegance and strength of the Great Stables horses will bring a touch of emotion to your event.