Share the art of growing your garden

Almost 30 years after its creation, Les Journées des Plantes Flower Show, which was created by a handful of enthusiasts, has become the main event for European horticulture in France. Over time, Les Journées des Plantes has forged a unique identity and acquired an international dimension, without ever straying from its main purpose: enhancing the know-how of horticulture and botanic arts.


Share your passion!

On 19, 20 and 21 October 2018 gardeners from all over Europe will gather at Domaine de Chantilly. Around 250 exhibitors selected by the various Journées des Plantes juries and committees will display their latest new plants, great classics, rediscovered plants or plant collections.
It is an occasion to celebrate the diversity of the world of gardens and the variety of gardening tools and objects designed to facilitate the gardener’s work and life in the garden.


The 2018 theme: The Chantilly Favourites

The Journées des Plantes de Chantilly are celebrating their 7th edition. The age of reason? No! The age of passion and folly!
The public will be invited to pluck the daisy – love me, love me not – with only two acceptable answers to the question: "passionately" or "madly".

Each nursery grower will present the darling of his or her heart. Their preferred plant, grown with passion in a secret garden… THE FAVOURITE.
An old plant, a classical one or a rediscovered one, a famous variety or an unknown cultivar, a recent or forgotten plant, each Favourite must meet one criterion only: that of absolute love!

A subtle or heady scent, quirky foliage, magnificent flowering, a remarkably graphic shape or a promising plant… It’ll be up to each nursery grower to declare their love.

This exceptional theme will make the Journées des Plantes de Chantilly an outstanding event dedicated to the most beautiful plants to have in your garden.


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