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Share the art of growing your garden

Almost 30 years after its creation, Les Journées des Plantes Flower Show, which was created by a handful of enthusiasts, has become the main event for European horticulture in France. Over time, Les Journées des Plantes has forged a unique identity and acquired an international dimension, without ever straying from its main purpose: enhancing the know-how of horticulture and botanic arts.


Autumn the season to plant

Digging your hands in the soil, smelling the scents rising from the earth, letting your eyes feast on the golden colours of leaves...gardeners know that autumn is the ideal season to put in young plants. They will have time to dig their roots into the ground lastingly and gather reserves to spend a good winter before the first rays of spring sun bring them out of their dormant period.


The theme: Technicolor gardens

After the splendid flowering of the "exuberant spring" which enlivened the paths of Chantilly during the May session, it will be time for the flamboyance of autumn! The branches of the park trees will be in unison with the variety of golds, bronzes and reds of the trees and shrubs offered by nurseries. Without forgetting perennials flowering from September and the gold plummets of ornamental grasses which generously contribute to the show of autumns colours.


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