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Share the art of growing your garden

Almost 30 years after its creation, Les Journées des Plantes Flower Show, which was created by a handful of enthusiasts, has become the main event for European horticulture in France. Over time, Les Journées des Plantes has forged a unique identity and acquired an international dimension, without ever straying from its main purpose: enhancing the know-how of horticulture and botanic arts.

The darling buds of May! The ideal opportunity to don your gardening gloves and choose from the dazzling selection of plants and flowers on offer by some of the finest nursery growers from all over France and further afield: the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, etc.


The theme for spring 2017: Technicolour gardens

Be bold and make use of colour! Don’t be afraid to go for unusual colour combinations. In the garden, green serves to accentuate and highlight vibrant reds, striking oranges, and vivid yellows. It’s also the perfect backdrop for blues and violets, a way of making whites come alive, and of brightening up browns, purples and quasi-blacks (black is the only colour missing from the impressive variety of hues and tones in plants). Green provides warmth to pastels and other less intense hues. Last but not least, the colour green boasts a remarkable palette ranging from olive to moss green.

Because no one is born with green fingers, whether you’re an amateur or expert gardener, learn about the plants suited to your level of skill and the latest gardening tools on the market to make your work even easier.

Nursery growers are on hand to provide you with practical information and advice, and are happy to advise you in a selection of plants and flowers to add colour to your garden!

Gardens, terraces and balconies, whether they’re in the shade or attract the sun, sheltered or exposed to the wind, with light or heavy soil, in dry or maritime climates, can be transformed by a splendid array of colourful flowers and plants with remarkably-coloured foliage. Enjoy nature’s vivid palette at the spring edition of the Journées des Plantes de Chantilly!


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