Painter and decorator to the Orléans family

The Domaine de Chantilly hosts the first ever exhibition dedicated to Eugène Lami (1800-1890), one of the major painters and decorators of the July Monarchy


A watercolor master, Eugène Lami was both painter to Louis-Philippe and "poet of official dandyism" (according to Baudelaire), and enjoyed depicting the fashionable world of his time. Close to the King’s children, he was their decorator and their portrait painter.

Thanks to many loans from private and public collections, this Chantilly exhibition will highlight the spirited portraits of the Orléans family, lively official or private scenes, as well as avant-garde decor projects imagined by the artist. This show perfectly complements the reopening of the private apartments of the Duke and Duchess of Aumale.


Practical information

Exhibition included in the Domain ticket with no extra charge

Venue: Prints and Drawings Gallery in the château



Mathieu DELDICQUE, Heritage Curator of the Condé Museum

Nicole GARNIER-PELLE, General Heritage Curator, in charge of the Condé Museum

With the collaboration of Caroline IMBERT, specialist of Eugène Lami


Patrons of the exhibition

Mr and Mrs Ludovic de Montille

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